06 February, 2016

Hotroot Punch

Hotroot punch is something that was very briefly mentioned in Mossfloweras being -- what else -- a favorite of the Skipper of Otters. It stuck in my mind as being an interesting idea and this past weekend when coming up with mixer ideas for a party I decided to give this a shot. It's non-alcoholic, but that could be changed pretty easily with a shot of bourbon or (if you prefer strong drinks) everclear. I don't recommend other alcohols, as they would affect the taste too much. Sorry I don't have pictures for this recipe, although they aren't really necessary.

A WARNING NOTE: The longer you leave the infusers in this "punch," the hotter it will become. I highly recommend taking a taste every hour or so and straining once it's reached the right heat level. I forgot to do this and by the halfway point of the party people were getting a little more of a punch than they were expecting.

Hotroot Punch

Prep time: 1 minute
Infusing time: Anywhere from 3-6 hours, I'd say, depending on your spice preference

Yield: 48 ounces


  • 48 ounces of 100% apple juice (make sure it doesn't contain added sugar, or this will become weirdly cloying)
  • 6 habanero peppers or cayenne peppers
  • 1 inch piece of ginger root

  1. Remove the stems of the habaneros and cut them in half
  2. Peel the piece of ginger and cut it into thin slices
  3. Place the peppers and ginger into a bottle (I used several because there were multiple drink stations)
  4. Add the apple juice, seal the bottle, and give it a vigorous shake. Repeat this every 30-60 minutes, tasting a small sip, until the taste is what you want.
  5. Remove the peppers and ginger from the bottle and enjoy. 

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